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Pawan Interchem Industries is the leading manufacturers & exporters of Disperse Dyes & Acetate Disperse Dyes in India. Having started its operation in the year 2015, Our wide inventory of full range of disperse dyes, places it amongst one of the very few manufacturers catering to almost all commercially available Disperse Dyes. M/s. Pawan Interchem Industries is backed by a strong R&D, ECO Laboratory and backward integration, thereby making it open to new challenges.

Pawan Interchem Industries is located at Sarigam, G.I.D.C., Dist. Valsad, Gujarat State, India. Pawan Interchem Industries delivers quality products of international standards to all customers. Pawan Interchem Industries maintains laboratories in touch with the modern developmental needs, manned by qualified technical personnel.

Environmental care, Occupational Health & Safety of employees and product quality are the baseline strengths of Pawan Interchem Industries’s business. These parameters have made Pawan Interchem Industries today, the supplier of preference for domestic and international customers.

The assured quality of Pawan Interchem Industries products has continuously increased the demand of our products globally. we cover a wide band of area in the global arena including the South Asian Countries, Middle East Region Countries, USA & Central Americas. We desire to be in constant touch with the new players, in the area of exploring new markets and end users.

With a sustained growth rate, Pawan Interchem Industries has established a clear place for itself in business circles. Pawan Interchem Industries is well-regarded for services in the market in view of its alignment with quality, vision and care to serve. Together with its global partners, we proactively explore the frontiers of sustainable solutions in manufacturing. As of now we are having 3 manufacturing Facilities in valsad district with total production capacity of 3500 MT/annum.

More than 50% of the total production of the Company is exported overseas & in the past few years the Company has grown steadily with regard to technology & capacity. Also equal importance has been given to the purification facilities. All the 3 factory’s have Primary and Secondary Effluent Treatment Plants and they are being strictly monitored & regulated under the Pollution Control Regulations of India.

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Pawan Interchem Industries is the leading manufacturers & exporters of Disperse Dyes & Acetate Disperse Dyes in India.

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